Why get personal training?

Personal memory training is perfect for those who like to learn in a one on one environment and a great way to get ahead.

It could be that you need extra motivation, or the ability to ask questions as you go. 

It is also ideally suited to those who may have a specific learning objective for work, studies or a hobby. 

What ever it is you are hoping to learn faster, there is a memory technique that can help you.


Linda Wertz

Anastasia’s coaching sessions have been invaluable to me.

She patiently listens to problems & concerns you have and thoroughly & succinctly answers them. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the hard work for it to pay off, but it enhances her course and helps in building your memory up by leaps and bounds. She is the perfect coach!


Anastasia's coaching is attentive.

Her insightful tweaks have resulted in waves of positive impact on my memory practise.

Thank you Ana!

Donald E. Wells Jr.

I have improved my ability to pay attention, focus and recall what I see, hear and experience, because of the memory training I'm receiving from Anastasia.

I am now taking on challenges, that in the past, I wouldn't allow myself to even dream of. I've begun a new life.