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Can I really improve my memory?

Do you want to improve your memory and become a quick learner?

Do you feel like you have an average memory which hinders your confidence and ability to learn? Maybe your memory is ok but you want it to be exceptional… 

Regardless of if you want to memorise something in particular, or  just want a better memory generally, let me tell you a secret. Using and practicing memory techniques will vastly improve your ability to quickly remember new information.

How do I know this?

I went from having a average memory to being the first female Australian Memory Champion in 5 months. Now I can learn anything I want, quickly.

 Anyone can do this, you dont need any special abilities to improve. I have seen this in the many people I have coached. Don't do rote learning any longer, its much faster and more fun to use memory techniques.        

Meet Your Instructor

Anastasia Woolmer

As a two time Australian Memory Champion, I founded Master Recall to help others learn and remember with greater speed and confidence.

But my memory wasn't always great. In fact despite a love of learning, it used to be pretty average. In 2016 I discovered memory techniques and within 5 months became the first female Australian Memory Champion.

I am also a former professional ballet dancer and hold a Bachelor of Economics.

I regularly teach and speak on memory techniques and appear as a memory expert on TV and radio, most recently as a Champion on Australian Survivor 2019.

Training my memory has changed my life. Let me help you to do the same.

  • Learn from an expert

    I'm a memory champion, coach and speaker on memory. Take advantage of what I have learned, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

  • Learn more, faster

    Whatever it is you are learning, why not master it faster? Using memory techniques is not only fun but it is clever. Why learn slower when you can speed things up?

  • Gain confidence

    When you can learn something quickly your confidence improves, and in turn this gives you the right attitude to be open to learn even faster. You are a good learner, you just might not know it yet!