Learn to remember faster for work!

This course is designed to get you quickly remembering the information you need to shine at work.

You will learn how to remember:

  • General facts for work - like product details, general information, or answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Details about people - their names and other facts.
  • Information for meetings – both as the speaker or the listener.

The topics selected are broad so you can adapt the information to different areas.

How does it work?

You will get your own login with access to cheat sheets, quizzes, background reading, homework, FAQ and over 1.5 hours of video material - along with the live workshop links.


Dennis T

Within a short period of 2 weeks, I've learnt how to easily remember (and retain) long lists of information that I would ordinarily struggle to remember. Anastasia Woolmer has so much to offer for all of us. Her learning is not only powerful but fun at the same time.


I really enjoyed the course - Anastasia has such great enthusiasm and is a terrific explainer of how to get the most out of putting memory palaces and other techniques into practice.

The focus on the workplace is a really great idea as I started applying it straight away the very next day at work


Anastasia is exceptional, natural, practical and personal. I am really looking forward to using these practical and surprisingly simple techniques for my own goals of learning a foreign language and the wine appellations of the world.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before you begin

    • How to get the most out of this course

    • Video - Basic memory tools for work

    • Reading - Basic memory tools for work

    • Further resources

    • Quiz - Visualization and Memory palaces

    • Homework

    • Cheat sheet - Imagery and visualization to remember

    • Cheat sheet - Building memory palaces

    • Cheat sheet - Using memory palaces

  • 2

    Remember faster for work: General facts, People, Meetings

    • Remember faster for work - General facts

    • Cheat sheet - General facts

    • Remember faster for work - People

    • Cheat sheet - People

    • Remember faster for work - Meetings

    • Cheat sheet - Meetings

    • Frequently asked questions

  • 3

    Next steps

    • Quiz - Test your understanding

    • What next? - Time to practice and improve