What do I get in this course?

If you want to have a better memory, you've come to the right place. How to remember faster is something you can learn!

With Master Your Memory Plus you have assistance and support each step of the way to transforming how quickly you remember.

In this course, you get everything in the Master Your Memory course plus personal, tailored 1 on 1 training and support.

You get over 4 hours of video lectures, homework and quizzes to test your learning. 

You will also be shown example online memory training tools, be able to download cheat sheets and do further reading.

Plus students will also get 2 one hour personal training sessions with Anastasia to maximize and further their learning. These sessions are tailored, so students can get help where they need it, or tackle particular learning objectives they face.

 Additional email support is also given so students in the Plus course can ask questions as they go getting a response typically within a business day making learning easy.

Plus students also get access to a bonus module to take them to a further understanding of memory technique uses like remembering numbers.

All this plus lifetime access, so you can take it at your own pace, choose when you start, and re review any of the material anytime.

You can go as fast or slow as you would like through the material but one module per week is recommended. This encourages you to pace yourself and do the weekly homework to get great results.

Students can book in their personal training sessions at anytime in the first 6 months of enrolling. Ideally the first session is on completion of module two, and the second is after all the modules are finished.  However if you are stuck or need support at any time in the first 6 months it is fine to book one of your sessions then.

Don’t put off learning how to exercise your memory until after you study for anything else. You will actually save time to learn this first, and can apply it to anything you want to learn.

Best of all, it is fun!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants an improved memory to get the most out of life. Learn the names of the people you meet, the facts and new vocabulary you come across.

  • Students or those who continuously learn. Quickly memorise new information or text for exams and languages. For short term cramming or long-term learning.

  • People whose confidence suffers from the feeling of being a ‘slow learner’. This is something you can absolutely change.

  • Business people wanting a better memory for work. Learn how to give presentations, speeches and meetings without prompt cards.

  • Overachievers who work hard but hide an average memory. Imagine what you can do once you have a ‘quick memory'.

Who is it not for?

People who think they will be able to get a fast memory without work. It takes practice, but you will be able to remember much more, and far faster than you currently can.



I have met Anastasia from Ted Talk and felt right away how important it is for me.

My memory is not good. Was not good during school and I knew I will benefit from it a lot. I started her classes online and bought the course.

The classes were amazing! After the first class I really felt as if I went to the gym for the brain. My brain felt alive and working.

The methods were easy to learn and I was surprised to find out it is very easy and the most surprising, it was fun and exiting!

Also it worked! I found myself remember things that I could not remember before unless going through it again and again in a very tedious way.

My memory got so much better in a very short time and I keep on my training almost everyday just a few minutes.

Linda Wertz

Anastasia’s coaching sessions have been invaluable to me.

She patiently listens to problems & concerns you have and thoroughly & succinctly answers them. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the hard work for it to pay off, but it enhances her course and helps in building your memory up by leaps and bounds. She is the perfect coach!

Jodie Schubert

I was curious about how memory techniques could actually help so I signed up for some memory training with Anastasia Woolmer.

After only a short period of time, I was creating images in my mind and with very little effort, I was able to remember an entire poem, word for word!

Initially it may seem a bit foreign but it really doesn't take long for the concepts to "click" and to grasp how to apply these simple techniques. It actually becomes fun and I have also been surprised by how creative my brain actually is!

Anastasia is a wonderful, effervescent and enthusiastic teacher/facilitator/mentor and she is extremely generous with her knowledge. She is full of encouragement and has a strong desire to help her students achieve their memory potential.

I wholeheartedly recommend Anastasia to anyone who wants to improve their memory - and for those who are unsure or just a little bit curious - sign up now! It's really exciting to learn a new skill that is simple to apply and can literally improve your life!

Donald E. Wells Jr.

I have improved my ability to pay attention, focus and recall what I see, hear and experience, because of the memory training I'm receiving from Anastasia.

I am now taking on challenges, that in the past, I wouldn't allow myself to even dream of. I've begun a new life.

The Curriculum

  • 1

    Before you start

    • Welcome!

    • Before we begin, a few quick questions

    • Make the most of personal training

    • General memory tips

    • Technical tips before you start

  • 2

    Module One : Basics

    • 1.0 Course overview and how to take the course

    • 1.1 Remember using images and storytelling

    • 1.1 Cheat sheet - steps to making memorable images

    • 1.2 Linking information together - simple example

    • 1.2 Reading - How to remember a list of words

    • 1.2 Homework

    • 1.3 What is a memory palace and why use them?

    • 1.3 Reading - What are memory palaces

    • 1.4 Building memory palaces

    • 1.4 Cheat Sheet - Building memory palaces

    • 1.4 Homework

    • 1.5 Using memory palaces - basic example

    • 1.5 Cheat sheet - Using memory palaces

    • 1.5 Homework

    • 1.5 Quiz

    • Module 1 : Basics - Download all cheat sheets

  • 3

    Module Two : Intermediate

    • 2.0 Module Overview

    • 2.1 Remember complex words

    • 2.1 Cheat Sheet - Remembering complex information - words

    • 2.1 Cheat Sheet - Example phonetic alphabet

    • 2.1 Quiz

    • 2.1 Homework

    • 2.2 Daily memory training

    • 2.2 Cheat Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions - Online Daily Memory Training

    • 2.2 Homework

    • 2.3 Exercise your memory with images

    • 2.3 Homework

    • 2.4 Organise & track your learning and Long term vs Short term storage

    • 2.4 Reading 1 - Organise palaces and track learning

    • 2.4 Reading 2 – Long term vs Short term storage

    • 2.4 Quiz

    • 2.4 Homework

    • Module Two : Intermediate - Download all cheat sheets

    • End of Module Two - Book your first personal training session

  • 4

    Module Three : Applications

    • 3.0 Module Overview

    • 3.1 Memorise Text

    • 3.1 Cheat Sheet - How to memorise text

    • 3.1 Reading - How to memorise text

    • 3.1 Quiz

    • 3.1 Homework

    • 3.2 Ace your exams - part one

    • 3.2 Reading - Ace Your Exams Part One - Preparation

    • 3.2 Homework

    • 3.3 Ace your exams - part two

    • 3.3 Reading - Ace Your Exams Part Two - Memorise

    • 3.3 Quiz

    • 3.3 Homework

    • 3.3 Additional Homework

    • 3.4 Give presentations without prompt cards

    • 3.4 Reading - Give presentations without prompt cards

    • 3.4 Quiz

    • 3.5 Strategy for learning languages

    • 3.5 Reading - Strategies for learning languages

    • 3.5 Quiz

    • Module 3 : Applications - Download all cheat sheets

  • 5

    Module Four : Names and Faces

    • 4.0 Module Overview

    • 4.1 Remember names - Basic

    • 4.1 Reading - Remember Names : Basic

    • 4.2 Remember names - Advanced

    • 4.2 Reading - Remember Names : Advanced

    • 4.2 Cheat Sheet - Remember Names

    • 4.2 Quiz

    • 4.3 Daily names training

    • 4.3 Homework - this module

    • End of Module Four - Book your second personal training session

    • Module Four : Names and Faces - Download all cheat sheets

  • 6

    Bonus Module Five - Cards and Numbers

    • 5.0 Module Overview

    • 5.1 Remember numbers

    • 5.1 Reading - Remember Numbers

    • 5.1 Homework

    • 5.2 Remember cards

    • 5.2 Cards Excel template example

    • 5.3 Online Training

    • Before you go...

    • Attributions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I start the course right away?

    Yes, you can start right away on Module 1.

    You can self pace and go as fast or slow as you like.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    It's a lifetime course that is completely self paced.

    One module a week is a good pace that encourages revision and practice, which is the most effective way to improve your new skills.

  • How do I book my one on one coaching with Anastasia?

    Email admin@masterrecall with your time zone and preferred availability and we will be in touch.

  • What email support do I get?

    Master Your Memory Plus students get additional email support with questions they may have as they complete the course. In the first six months after enrollment, students can email with questions and receive a response within 2 business days. (see terms and conditions)

  • How much time will it take?

    Anything that is worth getting takes time. You will have to put in some work to get the results. But imagine being able to learn what ever you want quickly....its worth it. If you do the minimum work recommended in the course, you will get some great results from 15 to 20 hours over 4 weeks (or as long as it takes you). If you do additional homework you could have some really exceptional results. Ideally, like doing a personal fitness training course you wouldent stop at the end of the course but keep training your mind to become sharper and faster. Remember, you have lifetime access so you can continue to review the lessons.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    If you watch the course and put in the recommended work you will be able to remember more and faster than you currently can. Guaranteed. We are so confident of this that if you are unsatisfied with your result, contact us in the first 21 days and we will give you a full refund.

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