It's easy to memorize poems and text with memory techniques!

This course will show you how.

By the end of this course you will know how to quickly remember poetry using memory techniques. You may like to remember a poem a week, a day, or even a whole book.

What ever the case, memorization using mnemonics can significantly save you time.

You can also apply your learning to text and giving presentations without notes.

Perhaps you need to remember poetry for your exams, or to keep your brain sharp. You may have favorite poems you would like to learn for pleasure.

If you need to be able to memorize faster, this course will help you to achieve your goals.

With over 2 hours of step by step video lectures, homework, reading and quizzes, you will soon be speedily memorizing text.

Are you ready to memorize your favorite poems?

Book me in!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Learn the basics

    • 1.0 Before you start

    • 1.1 Imagery and visualization to remember

    • 1.1 Cheat sheet - Imagery and Visualization

    • 1.2 Building and using memory palaces

    • 1.2 Reading - What are memory palaces?

    • 1.3 Example poem for module 1,2 and 3

    • 1.3 Let's build one together

    • 1.3 Cheat sheet - Building memory palaces

    • 1.3 Quiz - Visualization and Memory palaces

    • 1.3 Homework

  • 2

    Get your poem ready

    • 2.0 Module overview

    • 2.1 Read it, break it up, highlight it

    • 2.2 What does it mean?

    • 2.3 Timing, expression, pauses

    • 2.1 to 2.3 Cheat sheet - Get your poem ready

    • 2.1 to 2.3 Quiz - How do you get your poem ready?

    • 2.1 to 2.3 Homework

  • 3

    Memorize your poem

    • 3.0 Module overview

    • 3.1 Memorize title and author

    • 3.2 Memorize the first stanza

    • 3.3 Refine the first stanza

    • 3.2 to 3.3 Quiz

    • 3.4 Repeat steps 3.2 and 3.3 for all stanzas

    • 3.5 Recall the whole text, refine

    • 3.6 Repeat step 5

    • 3.1 to 3.6 Homework

    • Module 3 Cheat sheet - Memorize your poem

    • Module 3 Homework

  • 4

    Remember long term

    • 4.0 Remember the poem long term

    • 4.1 Quiz - Long term learning

    • 4.1 Keeping track of your memorized poetry

  • 5

    Bonus material

    • 5.0 Module overview

    • 5.1 Remember the date and page number

    • 5.1 Homework

    • 5.2 Poem for additional example 1

    • 5.2 Additional example 1

    • 5.3 Poem for additional example 2

    • 5.3 Additional example

    • Congratulations!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to be able to remember poetry or text quickly.

  • Students who need to memorize text for exams, this could be poetry or other written material.

  • Business people wanting a better memory for work. Learn how to give presentations, speeches and meetings without prompt cards.

  • People whose confidence suffers from the feeling of being a ‘slow learner’. This is something you can absolutely change.

Who is it not for?

People who think they will learn how to memorize faster without work. It takes practice, but you will be able to remember text far faster than you currently can if you put in the time to attain this valuable skill.


Jodie Schubert

I was curious about how memory techniques could actually help so I signed up for some memory training with Anastasia Woolmer.

After only a short period of time, I was creating images in my mind and with very little effort, I was able to remember an entire poem, word for word!

Initially it may seem a bit foreign but it really doesn't take long for the concepts to "click" and to grasp how to apply these simple techniques. It actually becomes fun and I have also been surprised by how creative my brain actually is!

Anastasia is a wonderful, effervescent and enthusiastic teacher/facilitator/mentor and she is extremely generous with her knowledge. She is full of encouragement and has a strong desire to help her students achieve their memory potential.

I wholeheartedly recommend Anastasia to anyone who wants to improve their memory - and for those who are unsure or just a little bit curious - sign up now! It's really exciting to learn a new skill that is simple to apply and can literally improve your life!


I have met Anastasia from Ted Talk and felt right away how important it is for me.

My memory is not good. Was not good during school and I knew I will benefit from it a lot. I started her classes online and bought the course.

The classes were amazing! After the first class I really felt as if I went to the gym for the brain. My brain felt alive and working.

The methods were easy to learn and I was surprised to find out it is very easy and the most surprising, it was fun and exiting!

Also it worked! I found myself remember things that I could not remember before unless going through it again and again in a very tedious way.

My memory got so much better in a very short time and I keep on my training almost everyday just a few minutes.