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Can I really improve my memory?

Do you want to improve your memory and become a quick learner?

Do you feel like you have an average memory which hinders your confidence and ability to learn? Maybe your memory is ok but you want it to be exceptional… 

Regardless of if you want to memorise something in particular, or  just want a better memory generally, let me tell you a secret. Using and practicing memory techniques will vastly improve your ability to quickly remember new information.

How do I know this?

I went from having a average memory to being the first female Australian Memory Champion in 5 months. Now I can learn anything I want, quickly.

 Anyone can do this, you dont need any special abilities to improve. I have seen this in the many people I have coached. Don't do rote learning any longer, its much faster and more fun to use memory techniques.        

Meet Your Instructor

Anastasia Woolmer

As a two time Australian Memory Champion, I founded Master Recall to help others learn and remember with greater speed and confidence.

But my memory wasn't always great. In fact despite a love of learning, it used to be pretty average. In 2016 I discovered memory techniques and within 5 months became the first female Australian Memory Champion.

I am also a former professional ballet dancer and hold a Bachelor of Economics.

I regularly teach and speak on memory techniques and appear as a memory expert on TV and radio, most recently as a Champion on Australian Survivor 2019.

Training my memory has changed my life. Let me help you to do the same.


Jodie Schubert

I was curious about how memory techniques could actually help so I signed up for some memory training with Anastasia Woolmer.

After only a short period of time, I was creating images in my mind and with very little effort, I was able to remember an entire poem, word for word!

Initially it may seem a bit foreign but it really doesn't take long for the concepts to "click" and to grasp how to apply these simple techniques. It actually becomes fun and I have also been surprised by how creative my brain actually is!

Anastasia is a wonderful, effervescent and enthusiastic teacher/facilitator/mentor and she is extremely generous with her knowledge. She is full of encouragement and has a strong desire to help her students achieve their memory potential.

I wholeheartedly recommend Anastasia to anyone who wants to improve their memory - and for those who are unsure or just a little bit curious - sign up now! It's really exciting to learn a new skill that is simple to apply and can literally improve your life!

Geoffrey Thomas

I'm a first year law student who is short on time and completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of new information required to learn. The mere thought of somehow committing it all to memory and the endless hours to do so has caused great pain and worry.

And then I met Anastasia.

After a few lessons and learning the secret of how to unlock the storage capacity of my brain, law studies have taken on new dimension and meaning. I now look forward to memorizing complex legal theories and my friends and family are exhausted by my insistence on reciting law! Moreover, the process Anastasia teaches is a lot of fun. I can't wait to take final exams and dazzle my professors with my newfound brilliance!

Luis E. - Spain

I decided to take personal training with Anastasia because I needed help with my Economics Exams and I am glad I did it.

Anastasia has always been professional, empathetic, energetic and, above all, willing to understand my personal case so she can fully adapt to my needs.

Since the beginning of the coaching process I realized that she had really mastered the memorization techniques because her advice was straight to the point.

I have also done her course and I would recommend it as well. ‘Master Your Memory’ provided me with a method that complemented perfectly her teachings.

Furthermore, I regard the course as a flexible guide that can be applied to a wide variety of memorization goals without losing usefulness.

In my opinion, what makes the real difference is the quality of the teaching, the homework proposed and the abundance of resources and examples provided.

Overall I know that I made a good investment because, in contrast to rote learning, now that I have some tools, I can study in a much more efficient way which, surprisingly, allows me to save plenty of time.

Bearing in mind that my acquired knowledge will be a handy tool available for a life time.

Darrell Nottingham - UK

I have nothing but praise for Anastasia's classes. She is able to inspire and challenge her students in a fun and interactive way.

Although we covered a lot of material in the classes - and time passed so quickly - she was always able to respond to the needs of each individual student so that everyone made real progress.

Nothing was too much trouble and further questions were always responded to in a prompt and thorough fashion.

Whether you aspire to be the next champion or just want to learn the techniques to improve your life, you could do no better than to enlist Anastasia as your mentor and guide.

Thoroughly recommended.


I have met Anastasia from Ted Talk and felt right away how important it is for me.

My memory is not good. Was not good during school and I knew I will benefit from it a lot. I started her classes online and bought the course.

The classes were amazing! After the first class I really felt as if I went to the gym for t he brain. My brain felt alive and working.

The methods were easy to learn and I was surprised to find out it is very easy and the most surprising, it was fun and exiting!

Also it worked! I found myself remember things that I could not remember before unless going through it again and again in a very tedious way.

My memory got so much better in a very short time and I keep on my training almost everyday just a few minutes.

Donald E. Wells Jr.

I have improved my ability to pay attention, focus and recall what I see, hear and experience, because of the memory training I'm receiving from Anastasia.

I am now taking on challenges, that in the past, I wouldn't allow myself to even dream of. I've begun a new life.

Linda Wertz

Anastasia’s coaching sessions have been invaluable to me.

She patiently listens to problems & concerns you have and thoroughly & succinctly answers them. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the hard work for it to pay off, but it enhances her course and helps in building your memory up by leaps and bounds. She is the perfect coach!
  • Learn from an expert

    I'm a memory champion, coach and speaker on memory. Take advantage of what I have learned, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

  • Learn more, faster

    Whatever it is you are learning, why not master it faster? Using memory techniques is not only fun but it is clever. Why learn slower when you can speed things up?

  • Gain confidence

    When you can learn something quickly your confidence improves, and in turn this gives you the right attitude to be open to learn even faster. You are a good learner, you just might not know it yet!